Willful Defaulters India: Focus is Vijay Mallya but what about else?

Willful Defaulters India: Focus is Vijay Mallya but what about else?
Willful Defaulters India: Focus is Vijay Mallya but what about else?

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Saturday annexed RS 6,630 crore worth properties having a spot with advances defaulter Vijay Mallya, Times Now reported.


The properties consolidate a strip mall, a farmhouse and a couple stocks Mallya has. The properties associated by the ED are arranged around the country, consolidating into Mumbai and Bengaluru, ANI reported.


Mallya, who owes Rs 9,000 crore in advances to banks, is evidently in London. He got out India in March.


At the FE Best Banks Awards in Mumbai on Thursday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the organization would go full scale to ensure that advances owed to banks are repaid by wilful defaulters. That message will without a doubt console moneylenders, especially those in state-asserted banks weighed around a stack of Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) or horrendous advances and who have been endeavoring to recover money from various promoters — some of whom like Vijay Mallya have fled the country.

The cash minister didn't name anyone however said that the organization would make real move against wilful defaulters avoiding Indian forces. The span of the test the organization is stood up to with is reflected in the way that more than 8,000 wilful defaulters — described as the people who can repay yet pick not to — owed state-run banks Rs 76,685 crore toward the end of July 2016.

Sadly, there has not been much to show up with respect to passing on them to book.


At the base of this issue is the deferment in the lawful technique and the limit of banks in India to execute their rights. Both the present RBI Governor, Raghuram Rajan, and one of his trailblazers — Y.V. Reddy — are clear that the ghastly credits destruction is moreover an impression of the failure to ensure that banks in India are in a position to maintain their rights in a period bound manner.

Government and the controller have recalled that this going by the move to do changes around there, for instance, another liquidation law, quickening of the working of commitment recovery tribunals, presentation of the Joint Lenders Forum for better co-arrangement among banks, pushing promoters to offer a bit of their concentrated on assets for repay banks and setting up of a broad credit database which consolidates advances of over Rs 5 crore and their status which is conferred to all banks. That has keep running as one with the effort by the pioneer's office to push for the prosecution of some of those incorporated into enormous fakes.


Jaitley said that wilful defaulters should not envision that the system would disregard them if they "physically swim over the shores "and refrain from paying commitment". In any case, to deter them, it is basic for the organization, controller, banks and the country's investigative associations to act commonly and pass on a strong message that wilful defaulters can no more delight the structure.

While looking for after development defaulters, it is also essential to improve organization at state-asserted banks. The cost of frustration in deciding the horrendous development turmoil is in the long run borne by the subject.


As showed by Times Now, among the things ED affixed consolidate Mallya's farmhouse in Maharashtra worth Rs 200 crore, a space and a strip mall in Bangalore worth Rs 800 crore and shares of UBL and USL, asserted by the agent, worth Rs 3,000 crore.


A week back, a consortium of banks including SBI - that Mallya owes money to - told the Supreme Court that Mallya had purposefully not made a full presentation of his advantages, including of the $40 million that he got in February from a British firm.